Data Visualizations


Planning on selling some prints once I've finished the initial series (perhaps later this year) & made final edits! Feel free to text/email me if you want a copy of one of the draft versions beforehand -- I usually use glossy photo paper in A4 or postcard size. 

Solar System

The sun, its planets, and their moons. Size and rotation speed encoded (somewhat approximately) visually. 

Solar System.pdf

Notes to Nodes: River Flows in You (Yiruma, 2001)

The note transition sequences from the perspective of a pianist's hands visualized for one of my favourite pieces. 

River Flows in You Network.pdf

Eloquent Structures in the Human Brain

The structural connectivity and white matter tract designations for areas of cortex that are essential for processing & producing language. 

Language Mapping Poster.pdf

Abridged Geography of Youth

Annotated world map marking the cities and countries I have lived in so far. Mostly an exercise in procrastination masquerading as Illustrator practice.


Anatomical Hierarchy of the Human Brain

Experimenting with a new graphic, and a new way to embed images on this site -- this one seems entirely static but you should be able to scroll around to see the full circular dendrogram. A legend with the color key for regions and parcel node size -> parcel volume key is hidden off to the right. I restricted the data to the left hemisphere since the parcellation used is laterally symmetric.